Thinking Ahead

Tis the Saturday before Thanksgiving which means it’s time to start getting organized so that it’s possible to enjoy that day with family and friends without being stressed or overloaded with things to do.  Here are just a few things I will be thinking about.

Finding the Southern Living cookbook that has the recipe for the jello salad that only 2 of us really care about.  Hmmm, wonder if I really need a recipe after all these years!

Making a shopping list and checking it twice to be sure all the needed ingredients are listed so that the mister doesn’t have to run to the grocery a dozen times Thanksgiving morning.  Even then, he might have to make a last minute run.

Pulling out the Thanksgiving table stuff in preparation for setting the table, always my favorite thing  and easily done ahead.

Arranging the pumpkins in a slightly different way and, hopefully, adding some new twist to the traditional table.

Keeping everything simple which will translate into a more enjoyable day.

What are you doing to prepare for Thanksgiving?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share yours

11 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead

  1. I am blessed with a daughter in law who cooks and likes to entertain. She also has the youngest child, so it makes sense to have Thanksgiving at her house, so Thanksgiving for me is easy! Christmas we have Christmas Eve with light fare at her house and Christmas Dinner is at my house. We have evolved to my salt crusted prime rib roast and Heather makes whatever the Dec. cover recipe is from Bon Apetit. I cannot wait for the ribbon cake!

    1. You are a lucky girl, and it sounds like the best part is that you share time together.

  2. You’re all so lucky to celebrate Thanksgiving
    is the merriment like Christmas?

    1. Happy to be together without all the excesses.

  3. Leting out the waist of my pants!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. We are putting the tree up today. The custody visitation of the first grandson doesnt allow him to be with us the for Thanksgiving and the weekend after so we are changing the days mentally and doing it today so he can be part of it. Since my first son was born I have put silver frames with family photos on my tree, adding a few every year. He is 35 now so there are easily 150 of these priceless ornaments on my tree and we look at each and reminisce and sometimes cry a little. Hard and fast rules about what and when get changed as the family grows. We are also putting upo the outside lights today as next weekend is supposed to be cold and nasty.

  5. I am putting away the Fall decos so that I can go into full Cmas mode the day after. I am not having Tgiving, so I can make my 4 contributions on Tues. Thurs morn I will bake to take. Usually my son and his family, dil and 4 little ones come here Tgiving night, but not this year. The next weekend we are hosting a big family friend celebration , Cmas, gson’s 3rd bday and our 40th anniv. So I have lots to do!
    Enjoy your Tgving. We are blessed to have family to share the blessings of the day!

    1. Wow, lots on your calendar not the least of which is celebrating your 40th anniversary! Hey, we have room for 2 more at our T-giving table….come on down.

  6. I have Delarobia dishes also! I never thought of using them from Thanksgiving but they are perfect. Thanksgiving for us this year will be in Austin, so no table scape for me, maybe next year. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Recognize your Della Robia. Happy Thanksgiving.

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