From tear out to finish was almost five months, but the kitchen is done

and all the stuff you’ve seen in previous posts piled on every available flat surface is back in the cabinets except, that is, for the things that just didn’t seem necessary.  Some of you are definitely responsible for helping me decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  Thank you!

The jello molds survived and are tucked in a drawer of seldom used things.  They will be pulled out next week though for the traditional Thanksgiving jello salad.

The corningware bowls given me by my father so many years ago are on a top shelf where I can see them and who knows, I might even use them again.

The almost 50 year old canisters that belonged to Mother are back on the counter.  Though they may not have the “look”, they have sentimental value.

Many other things did not survive, but they’re not likely to ever be missed. A case in point is cookbooks.  I mean how many do you need?

These are back on the shelves and are more than needed,  but 2 boxes more will be included in the weekend garage sale.

Overall, the kitchen is a dream, especially the drawers and doors that all but close themselves, and I owe it to my husband who insisted we redo the whole thing.  I’ve never had such a “big girl” kitchen, and he must be thinking it will be put to good use.

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14 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Wow! That’s a great kitchen. I like that you kept the canisters. I’m a sucker for vintage things. Especially if they have sentimental value.

  2. Your new kitchen looks fab! Love the sleek lines and bold colors!

  3. wow!
    I wonder when can I have a kitchen like that 🙂
    Love the chili and garlic on the canister cover!

  4. Lucky you! Mother’s 50 year old canisters are awesome and provide a warm, wonderful contrast to the sleek, modern kitchen. Have fun!

  5. As fantastic as these pictures look, I have to say they don’t do it justice—–it’s even more gorgeous in real life. You did a great job, Linda! Actually, it’s wasted in your house because the best food anywhere came from your old kitchen. It’s going to be hard to top! Enjoy your wonderful kitchen—no cook deserves it more!

  6. It looks great–I love the bold colors. We remodeled our kitchen last year, torn down a wall to open it up to the living/dining space, added lots of cabinets and granite countertops. I love it and it was worth the mess and hassle. It only took 4 weeks, but we were here the whole time. I look forward to doing some baking this holiday season.

  7. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

  8. Of course you’ll put it to good use! Good cooking has always been your thing! xo…Lins

  9. looks GORGEOUS!! but where is the blowfish-shaped bowl? i always loved that 🙂
    LOVE how sleek it all is, and the built-in wine rack by the fridge…congrats! get cookin’!

    1. Jess, I haven’t thought about that since we sold the house in Galveston. You know, I bet it’s still there along with many other things I wish I had.

  10. Looks great. Very sleek and modern looking! I thought you were going to say you were done with Cmas shopping!
    You are right about the cookbooks. I just bought some to give as gifts, but now I think I will return them. I know I don’t want anymore. You can get everything on line!
    Enjoy that new kitchen. Now start baking those cookies!

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