Say What!

Playing duplicate bridge is a great past time, good for the mind and a satisfying way to spend Sunday afternoons when the hubby is watching football or fixing the plumbing.    It can, however, have its challenges.

Take, for example,  the bid cards.  In duplicate you don’t bid out loud. You use cards, nice once you get the hang of it.  Sometimes, though, when I am uncertain what to bid I touch, yes I said touch, the cards which immediately gets a response from the opposition who may even go so far as to call the director to remind me to keep hands off until I’m ready to make a bid.  What are they thinking, that I’m sending some kind of secret signal to my partner!

And then there’s taking your hand out of the board at the same time as someone else.  Today I was told that you never ever take more than one hand out at a time.  Well OK, got that message.

What about asking partner to play a card and immediately changing the call, say play a 7 rather than a 3?  My brain just got addled, no trick play here.

My favorite admonishment?  Being shushed after a hand is over because someone might hear what you are saying.  Now really!  You’d think that the people around you would be concentrating on their own table, not what’s going on at yours.

Even with all these little admonishments that leave you feeling like a child and not a very smart one, it’s still fun, and you know what?  Once you’ve been corrected you seldom make the same mistake again!

Now, if  on this Sunday afternoon someone could have just gotten my partner and me to the right contract when I had a 29 point hand, that would have been terrific!

Any of you duplicate players out there have stories you would like to share?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share yours

2 thoughts on “Say What!

  1. Thanks for sharing how you spend your Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. That was a heckua hand, but in duplicate the joy is sort of lost on you — it’s not just yours alone.

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