Quilts Galore

If the International Quilt Festival is any indication, things are definitely bigger in Texas!  Houston’s huge George R. Brown Convention Center was as filled as filled could be with vendors, exhibitors and breathtaking quilt displays.

As a fiber artist, I like anything done by hand with fabric and threads, so an afternoon wandering in the exhibition area was a treat.









As one would expect, there were traditional quilt patterns, some made with more contemporary fabrics and colors to give them a new twist.

The quilts that left me breathless, however, were the art quilts, amazing creations of which I am totally incapable.

There is as much skilled art ability in these as in any painting, yet fiber creations don’t seem to receive the same appreciation in the art world.

Just take a look at some of the work which combines such elements as machine stitching, embroidery, dying and photo transfer.

Standing in front of these pieces, I kept asking how.  How could the stitching be so controlled, so perfectly placed to create the desired images and depth of field?  How much time did it take to combine all these elements and achieve such perfection?  How are threads able to achieve such color shading?

Obviously, a lot of questions and if for me there are no answers, I can enjoy standing before the wondrous pieces and saluting their creators.

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8 thoughts on “Quilts Galore

  1. What a great way to spend a day! The artistry and the talent of so many hands always amazes me and sends me home with so many new ideas, some to try and implement and some just to remember with wonder. I enjoy everything about the show, thanks for reminding me what a thrill it is every year.

  2. These quilts are amazing… They look like paintings, so intricate!

  3. My but you are becoming a prolific writer! The quilt show is amazing to me—–I lost a dear neighbor this year who was a very talented and devoted quilter and you brought me memories of her. Thank you!

  4. Wow…what fantastic detailed quilts! Love the one with the planted boots~ the varigated colors of green in the leaves are amazing 🙂

  5. cool! Thanks for taking us to the quilt show. I especially like the one with the daisies and shoes, the daisies really pop out at you.
    My mom is a great quilter, she makes a quilt for every occasion, and I am the proud owner of many of them.

    1. I have never seen quilts like these. Amazing talent. Thanks for sharing with us.

    2. Aren’t you lucky? I have a dozen or so that my grandmother and great aunt made and they are among my prized possessions.

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