Stimulus at Work

This is the Knox County airport in Owls’ Head, Maine, or at least it was until a few weeks ago.  This quaint little facility  has gone the way of many other things that take us back in time meaning that it has been torn down and replaced with a fancy new facility funded by government stimulus dollars.

Now keep in mind  that the airport serves only one airline, Cape Air, which shuttles back and forth to Boston four times  daily.  I’m guessing that on the busiest day no more than 60 people pass through the door, so why is a fancy new terminal needed at all?  Granted, building the  facility did provide short-term jobs, but at this point that’s the only benefit I see.  Maybe you have a better answer as to why the government finds such unnecessary ways to spend money, especially when a state needs help in so many other areas.

As a passenger on Cape Air several times a year, I will miss the now defunct quirky terminal

and the stone identifying a primitive rack as the baggage claim area.  Somehow they just seemed right for small town, unpretentious Maine.

The good news though is that all the swell people working there have not been replaced, and it is to be hoped that the new environs will improve the quality of their work day.

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1 thought on “Stimulus at Work

  1. Now that is my kind of baggage claim!

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