Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue.  The colors of fall are all here.  They are what my daughter would call brave and outspoken, an apt description.

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Who can not like this season in Maine or wherever color is abundant, but what is sad is that it’s only temporary, visiting just long enough to make us aware of what an incredible artist God is.

This is what I saw this fall Sunday.  What colors brightened your day?

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8 thoughts on “Here Today

  1. Absolutely beautiful Linda! We are in Tuscany for the first Michael Salmon foodie adventure, fall is equally as beautiful here with the colorful leaves on the grape vines and the last of the pomegranates and fruits still dangling on the trees. I am sure you are going to have a fantastic time on the spring trip! Enjoy your day! Mary Jo

  2. Nature’s striptease is always magnificent. I love the sugar maples especially, as each will have its own pattern that persists over time — a pom pom pattern for one tree, a half down the middle for another.

    But whatever their colors, they have worked so hard for us all spring summer and fall to make us oxygen, to eat our pollution, to conserve our soil, even to create the gentle breezes.

    They deserve a rest, but they do go out with a bang…


  3. Is that a photo of Clarry Hill in Union? If so, I was JUST there hiking with the Land Trust crowd. The views were expansive and so beautiful! Yes, this time of year is stunning…
    Thanks for the slideshow.

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