One More Time

What fun it has been to see how much mileage I could get out of using the same things in different combinations.

First, there was this

and then this.

Now, by adding a few different blooms to the green bottles and rearranging the gourds, there is yet another look around which to build a  Thursday tablescape.

Again, I pulled from the orange, green and yellow tones on the table.  Copper toned chargers from San Miguel, Mexico

are topped with multicolored Palazzo dinner plates

which are  complemented with alternating green and orange salad plates.

The salt and pepper holder jumped right in.

Napkins, not all matching, were turned back at the corners to make pockets for the flatware.  I should mention that folding napkins is one of my favorite parts of setting a table.  It is such a simple way to add a special touch to the overall presentation.

These little hobnail glasses,  recently purchased at a yard sale, were perfect for the strawberry sorbet that would be served between the main course and dessert.

When all was said and done, I happened to notice that the colors on the table were the same as in the rug.  How often does that happen?

The table is set, the lights are low and it’s time to put another delicious dinner for friends on the table.  Check in tomorrow to see what we served.

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10 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. The sunset shot was beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you served. Who were the lucky guests?

  2. Lovely! I enjoyed seeing how you’ve changed things up over time to achieve different looks. This table is really wonderful — warm and inviting — and I love the little hobnail stemware!

  3. I love those Mexican chargers and your napkin folding. I really have to try some different napkin styles on my tables. I suspect your rug and table were coordinated because those are some of your favorite colors! 🙂 Linda

  4. Simply beautiful. I love those chargers. The napkin folding is also something I am enjoying lately. I agree it adds so much to a table.

    Thank you for stopping by my little corner. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Linda, do you do a special dinner each time you do a tablescape–which seems like every Thursday? That’s a lot of dinners!

    1. We do enjoy entertaining at home, so the answer is yes, BUT it’s a joint effort because everyone brings something. That way we enjoy eating together and no one has to slave in the kitchen all day.

  6. very nice, love love love the hobnail glasses, and the way the silverware is tucked into the napkin, perfect for cooler weather. The latest centerpiece is like the love child of the first two. What time is dinner?

  7. Only you, Linda, would be a mayor, an international exchange student hostess, a weaver, a community builder and a student of napkin folding.

    Can you say Renaissance Woman?

  8. So creative~I escpecially love that salt & pepper holder!

  9. Your lessons on reusing and remixing is something we all should do more often. I love your chargers!! The whole table was a true delight. what a beautiful sunset shot. It just makes everything seem so magical.

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