Art is Where You Find It

You never know what you are going to find when you are exploring back roads, and I have learned you should never pass any place by.

signA faded old sign, antiques it said so maybe there’s some treasure waiting inside.

The shop appeared as old as the sign and was tended by an old, 93 to be exact, woman who was glad to have a visitor.  Her wares were kitchy and looked to have been around for a long time.

lady and quiltHanging on the back wall, however, was one of the most stunning creations I have ever seen, a quilt made with WW II military insignia and woven labels. Those are something we don’t see any more!  This dear lady made it in the early 50’s, and there’s no telling how much time it took to stitch all these little pieces together.


Looking at her creation, I knew it had to be mine.  The labels, the satin backing, the intricacy of the construction, its history made my heart beat with desire, so I asked how much, afraid to breathe until I heard the answer.

“Oh, everyone wants to buy this quilt,” she said, ” but it is not for sale.  When I am gone it will go to Colby College.”

I do hope the college appreciates this unique and precious gift.

kitchy thingsAnd then she chuckled and asked if I would like to buy one of the Christmas items sitting beneath it.  “I tried to have Christmas in July, but it didn’t go over too well.  I guess next year I will have to try something different,” she said.  Now, that’s what I call optimistic!

I hope you found something special this fall Sunday.

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6 thoughts on “Art is Where You Find It

  1. It’s actually pretty neat to know that it will be going to a college. I hope they appreciate it. Thanks so much for sharing your wanderings and being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. OOOOooooh, yeah, that quilt is amazing, I can feel it under my fingers, its weight and it’s varied textures, like all the lives it represents. A true treasure.
    My mom is an accomplished quilter. I wish she wasn’t afraid of the computer so I could show her this. What town is it in, anywhere near York? Maybe she’ll go see it herself.

  3. Linda, that is a fabulous quilt. My cousin from Iowa has made many beautiful quilts. I will send your site to her – if I learn how to do that!!!

  4. What an amazing quilt thanks for sharing it! So great to see the labels and how amazing that someone thought to make a quilt like that. Looks like a fun little shop too!

  5. I wish I could meet the old woman
    and hear some of her wisdom
    aside from being awed
    by her handmade creations.
    Thanks for sharing this one.

  6. A friend gave permission to post her response:

    The person that made that quilt appreciated the American men and women who fought for our freedom. I had to get my magnifying glass to see some of the detail. It is quite magnificent.

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