Putting it Together

For any tablescape, I look around and see so many things to work with, but how to put them together I ask.

Start with something you like, I think. How about this tablecloth from Provence with its happy colors? Folded on the diagonal and angled on the table, it will provide a warm contrast to the wood surface.

A favorite object to build around?  This birdhouse will do fine, and  what about the favorite green bottle which I just noticed has  a blossom with the same colors as the birdhouse.  Wonderful!

And, of course, the gourds and decorative squash that came from Beth’s a day or two ago.

All together, these objects become a centerpiece reflective of the season.

Hmmm, Monday add wine and a bit of chocolate, and the table is ready for the girls to come over and watch Dancing With the Stars.

Wanna come?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts

22 thoughts on “Putting it Together

  1. Good start. Lulu! Have fun with the girls!

  2. Wow! that birds house is to die for! I been wanting to own one but to no avail. I guess I drive to garden store to see if they have one.

    TY for waking me up.

    Happy Thursday.

    1. I actually collect birdhouses and am surprised not to have used them in a tablescape before. That will have to change because they are such fun.

  3. Love the birdhouse with the cloth from Provence. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Lovely birdhouse, gourds and tablecloth! I especially like that pear/gourd candle.

  5. It is so much fun to just look around and start with some loved pieces for a beautiful table. That birdhouse is just lovely.

  6. I’ll be right over….
    Someone has been installing birdhouses along the road I live on. Today I stopped and took a few pics for my blog, then I got home and read this post.
    Birds of a feather?! Nice tablescape, inspiring, love the gourds, some look like candles, are they?

  7. Really nice tablescape. Very cool that you just “shopped” the house. I don’t have your talent!

  8. I love how your presented this in “tutorial” form. I love to tablescape and I tend to find one item that I build my table around each week. I never quite know where that item will lead me. It must be fun to watch Dancing at your house!

    Thanks for your visit!

  9. Great vignette and thanks fo showing us how you created it step by step…Christine

  10. you asked about the tablecloth.. it’s new. Moda fabrics does reproductions and their quality is above the top. I love their fabrics and I love their home decor items.. great for all artistic endeavours..

    1. Thanks so much. This is a great site for browsing.

  11. Back at you on your wonderful tablecloth! Thanks for stopping by my post and of course you may borrow the paisley scarf. Cherry Kay

  12. HI Linda. So very cute bird houses. Count me in for some wine and chocolate and watching Dancing with the stars…wink! Sorry about your brother and friends. So very sad. I am an Ovarian cancer survivor. Stop on by and say hello. Linda

  13. Chocolate, Wine, & Dancing with the Stars…what a fun evening! I feel your pain with taking your boat out of the water 😦 We are fortunate to have ours on a lift and milder weather. We’re lucky to find ourselves boating on occasion in November & December, depending on the weather.

  14. How I wish I could be there
    because I’m already enjoying
    just looking at it.

  15. This is cetainly a place I shall visit again. I love your artist’s view on the Season…

    1. Thank you. I look forward to having you back!

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