Fall Bounty

Beth’s is one of my favorite places.  Several weeks ago you got a look at the beautiful produce there.  All that is still available, and this time of year the market turns into a wonderland of color and texture that is irresistible.  Just take a look.

Gourds in all shapes, sizes and colors start my heart racing.

And pumpkins.  Who knew there could be so many kinds!

Double ugly….have you ever heard of such?

Surely, that’s not referring to us!

The corn

and the mums…..how can I resist?

Now that I have some of all, what to do?  Well, you’ll have to come back later to find out.

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts


5 thoughts on “Fall Bounty

  1. Cute pic!
    Yikes, I thought our prices were high here on L.I.! Yours are higher.
    4 huge pots of mums for 10

    1. Would you send me some? Hmmm, now that I think about it shipping would probably drive up the cost!

  2. Double Uglies? That is funny. Love the fall colors! More inspiration. Is this in Maine or Texas?

  3. You’ve inspired me to get in the car and head to Beth’s! And…I think you and Phil need a “Double Cutie” sign for the next time.

  4. Hi Linda

    I love the way you put colors together . The beautiful gourds are lovely too how lucky you are having all that on your door step!

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