Leaving PEI Behind

Some places you go just because they are there, and that’s how we got toPrince Edward Island. You cross a very long bridge to get there, and once started across there’s no turning back.

The first thing that got my attention was the number of churches, and  no matter how small they all had tall steeples.  I couldn’t help but wonder how a place with so few people could support so many churches and if each one had its own preacher.

Check out this sign in a Charlottetown church.  Inline skating? In a church?  Wouldn’t you love to know the story behind that warning!

I was surprised to see huge cruise ships in the harbor which raised another question: where did all those people go?  Green Gables perhaps?

Speaking of Green Gables, we didn’t go but there were reminders of Anne’s presence.

The island is rich with farmland

and cattle

and did I say churches!

My favorite thing about Prince Edward Island?  The oysters rockefeller at Claddagh Oyster House. They’d be worth going back for!

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2 thoughts on “Leaving PEI Behind

  1. Inline skating, that’s funny. I too love to photograph/explore churches when I travel. Never been to PEI, but when I was a kid a neighbor got into trouble by starting a Ponzi scheme, and then he left town. Rumor had it that he may have gone to PEI, because he often spoke of the place! Maybe next time I’m in Maine I’ll check it out. Those oysters have my mouth watering.

  2. I’d love to go there someday! And silly…”no inline skating” refers to the outside of the church, not the inside (people like to do tricks on steps and stone side rails).


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