How I Know It’s Fall

Fall is here.

How do I know?

Colors of red, orange, gold, are peeking through

Long white clouds dot dazzling blue sky

Blueberry fields are crimson beauties

Leaves are beginning to fall

Apples are in

I  smell the scent of wood smoke in the air.

It’s fall.

What is it like where you are?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts

11 thoughts on “How I Know It’s Fall

  1. i’m jealous! love those colors 🙂
    our 15-day forecast says it’s going to cool off this coming week, and i can’t wait. it’s almost time for pumpkins, corn mazes, and long sleeves…heading to the mountains on sunday for the last weekend of apple picking–woo hoo! xo

  2. i am so sad to leave maine and head for houston, where it is hot hot hot

  3. LOL – it’s still hurricane season in the Gulf!

  4. You can take a guess of what it’s like here. It’s the reason you’re there instead of Houston! In fact, I think this post of yours might classify as cruel and unusual punishment to those of us back home! Send us a bright red leaf!

    1. What Linsey said.

  5. Today we set a record breaking 93 degrees here in south/central Indiana! I’m beginning to see a tinge of color in a few leaves, but because of no rain here in almost 2 months to amount to anything, our trees & grass are suffering. Everything looks brittle & burned up! I’m ready for cool, autumn weather!

  6. No signs of fall here. There were people in the water today, and tomorrow it will be in the 80’s. Not a hint of color. But I can wait, cause after Fall comes the COLD and SNOW!
    Beautiful pics!

    1. Amazing the difference just a little farther north makes!

  7. I knew it was fall when I bought a peach last week and it was mealy and weird and not juicy. When I returned it the store employee blamed it on this being the “end of the season”. Bring on the apples! Honeycrisps are my new absolute favorite.

    1. I recently had a similar experience with something called a peacharine. I was anxious to try it, but it was definitely as you describe your end of season peach.

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