Things I Like


morning coffee with lots of froth, especially when my husband brings it to me in bed

macaroni and cheese, with a little lobster even better

a crackling fire

Maizy (my dog) on my lap

peanut butter

a good book

sunlight dancing on water

friends with whom you can be totally you

gown days

stars twinkling bright in a velvety black sky


surprises, good ones that is

Just wondering, what do you like?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts

16 thoughts on “Things I Like

  1. warm winds in summer
    cold blasts of icy wind in winter
    the smell of home-made bread baking
    reading mysteries in bed before sleep
    chocolate cake
    grandchildren here for overnights
    afternoon naps
    the beach
    the sea
    breakfast out on weekends
    lunch outside
    oyster bars
    How much space do I get??? Great fun, Linda, thanks.

    1. I think we’ll have to do this again so we can add to our lists.

  2. Grandchildren
    Ironed sheets
    Thunder Storms
    My family together all under the same roof
    Nap Time
    Just to name a few:)))

    1. You must have loved yesterday morning’s thunder!

  3. Hi Linda, I love your list! It is so funny I just mentioned you to my husband this evening as we were having dinner. I had the special seafood mix which included lobster, scallops, mussels and sea bass. The lobster was my favorite and I mentioned reading your blog and how it made me think of you and how special it must be to enjoy those things frequently. We are enjoying an anniversary trip and are in Paris. Today, is the first day I have had internet access in 8 days and it is fun to read my blogs that feed into my email first. I don’t think I will be able to read the 282 in my google reader I have missed.

    Things I like:
    Chocolate, a very cold glass of champagne, sunsets, rainbows, first cup of coffee in the morning, my quiet time with the Lord, all flowers, traveling, sitting in bed reading blogs and many more. Fun post ! Great to read everyone’s list.

    1. I like that you are in Paris enjoying a special occasion. Enjoy every minute! It’s always good to hear from you.

  4. good red wine
    dark chocolate
    writing in my journal
    letters in the mail

  5. Wish you had been here to go to Beth’s yesterday…beautiful day, lots of pumpkins!

  6. a rainy day after a long dry spell, puppy breath, girls only weekends, babies right after their bath, the first really cool front of the season, sleeping late on Sunday morning and farmer’s markets on a clear blue day

  7. Must join in:
    Same coffee as you but in a cool climate where holding it feels as good as drinking it

    The rare moments when it feels all is well with the world


    Goodies given at places like Central Market because they don’t have any calories when they are handouts

    Finding friends who think and feel like I do

    A fun bargain or surprise find that is too good to be true

    Playing ball with Kirby

    Going to bed feeling ‘it is well with my soul’

    Spending time with friends just talking

    Sitting in the front yard when all the neighbors come out and visit

    The rare occasion when my jeans don’t feel too tight

    1. Today I just might get new jeans and not because the old ones are too big!

  8. that organic bike
    i like
    bottles and bottle caps
    cow, duck and winged pig
    sweet smile, good laugh
    sincere compliment
    appreciation, good heart
    are just of the few
    that make me giggle and like

    1. So glad to have you visit and make me giggle!

  9. To those things, I would add

    needed rain, down pillows, starting a new good book, making pretty things with my own two hands, spooning, the delight in a new friendship as well as the comfort of an old one.

    And I would be less than honest if I didn’t include my electronic toys — phone, computer and Kindle, for with them, I exist –completely — wherever I am in the world.

    1. How could your pretty hands not make pretty things!

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