Making Do

A tablescape?  No, at least not in the traditional sense. This weekend the dining room table and chairs and other flat surfaces in nearby spaces are transformed into display units for the weekend’s  Artisans Tour in which my daughters and I are participating.

The table started out like this, but when my very talented friend Leslie came in she said, “No, no, it’s too busy!” and immediately began disassembling, pulling pitchers, gourds, decorative pieces off shelves and out of cabinets.  All I could do was stand in awe at what she gathered and dust the places from which they came.

With all the stuff out, we began arranging and voila, the entry and dining room became a work of art, and the furniture took on whole new definition.

The bench from the mudroom became a wonderful display for handwoven scarves.

So did these funky hands.

A wooden crate given to me by a daughter for my birthday was just perfect for “binkies” and soft toys.

And the back side was the right backdrop for lovely cards from LLH Designs.

Chairs have new purpose

and look at the pieces that became the complement for fiber necklaces.

The bright colors of the felt flashcard sleeves from Tembo Studio popped on the wood surface, and the flashcards and softie cupcakes…well, you need to take a look.  They are terrific.

Even this carved wood cello became part of the picture.

Who would have guessed that making do would result in such a creative and stimulating presentation.  Now that I think about it, the same is true for real tablescapes.

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts.

12 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. so many lovely things
    it’ll be fun coming back here

  2. Thanks for stopping by my post. Indeed we could have a party for the ages. I had service for 12 before we came to have my mother-in-love’s service for 24. Plus, my daughter has service for 12, plus service for 12 of the Johnson Brothers British Pink Castles. We’re gonna need a great big room…or a pasture for al fresco. I’m ready whenever you are…we can invite all our blog friends! Whatever shall we serve? Cherry Kay

  3. It looks like wonderful items to me!!

    Its fun to be creative with friends — it solidifies the friendship and makes great memories..

    Well done!


    PS… stop by on a friday sometime and join with us as we celebrate beauty… rigt up your alley.

  4. Someone is very creative!

    1. Such fun, and so special to participate with your daughter. Thank you for sharing your charming vignettes. Cherry Kay

  5. LLL,
    How clever and creative – definitely an “A” in presentation. It looks like a charming, artsy boutique.
    Your event should bring many new fans!

  6. Hooray for Leslie! How nice of her to help. Have fun!

  7. I love seeing the creativity here. Such a fun process. I bet you all had great fun.

  8. It looks wonderful and just like I would imagine you to present all your and the girls’ creativity. Would love to be there! Hope you have a great time and many people leave with parts of you!

  9. I need a friend like “Leslie” to help me de-clutter! Everything looked beautiful; thank you for the sneak peek!

  10. Looks WONDERFUL! Can’t wait to come shopping with my college roommate visiting this weekend!

  11. What artistry, so creative.

    All the Best,


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