Oh So Good!

Lobster prepared any way is on my list of favorite foods, and my hubby’s grilled lobster is over the top.  It is so tasty and easy to fix if you discount having to kill the lobster.  I guess you could save that step by having it done for you or use frozen tails/claws, but that just wouldn’t be the same.

grilled lobsterGrilled Lobster

Remove body and claws from lobster.  Crack the claws and with a sharp knife, slit the belly of the tail through the middle.  This allows the juices to seep into the shell and  makes it very easy to remove the meat when the lobster is cooked.

Mix together softened butter and a selection of aromatic herbs such as herbes de Provence, basil, rosemary, tarragon.

Place each tail and lobster claw on a sheet of aluminum foil and generously dot with the butter mixture. Top with lemon slices. Seal the foil tightly and place on heated grill for 20 minutes, turning once.

To serve, unwrap the lobster and place with its juices on a large platter surrounded by corn on the cob and roasted potatoes and prepare to have your dinner companions moan with satisfaction.

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6 thoughts on “Oh So Good!

  1. I just knew there was some Maine there somewhere! Rockport is wonderful. We spend the summer in the Bridgton area and then head back to Florida. I have not yet had enough lobster this summer!

    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. We have never done ours on the grill, so I am going to bookmark this! It looks amazing! I posted the perfect appetizer to go with this….they would be pure heaven together 🙂

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