Old British Castles; New Setting

Entertaining is not about perfection, it is about connection.

Who can resist stopping at estate sales when there just might be some special treasure hiding inside?  At this particular one, look what I found, 11 red and white transferware plates.

I doubt they are very old, but they are from England’s Johnson Brothers.

I couldn’t resist buying them because they made me think of my friend Judy who does such gorgeous tables with her collection of transferware.  She also put me onto the King’s Crown thumbprint glassware which I love and that works perfectly with these dishes.So does the ruby red that I picked up at an antique show several years ago.

It was not quite as good a deal as the British castle plates!

Or how about the two together?Yes, this is beginning to take shape.

I found two Fostoria candleholders the other day at an antique store, and they seem to be a perfect addition.  Fostoria also reminds me of my mother.Oh yes, this lady and her friend just happen to have the right colors in their dresses so to the center of the table they go to add a touch of whimsy and preside over it all.

The table is set, twilight is falling, candles are glowing, guests will soon arrive…..I’m ready!

What fun it is to participate in Tablescape Thursday where there are lots of creative ideas.

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14 thoughts on “Old British Castles; New Setting

  1. This is so pretty — love your reds all mixed and matched. Those dolls are wonderful! Thanks for your sweet visit — Earl pretty well passed us by thank goodness.

  2. Eleven Pink Castles dinner plates…great get! Your ruby dessert plate is called “Charm.” I have them in a deep forest green. I think that you can find more on eBay. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  3. Hugs to the birthday girl. Wish I was there to deliver in person. It is hot here in Houston too, so we are in the pool again, in the morning for “walking group”. What a treat to have you here last Friday.

    Hugs and Kisses and Birthday Wishes from Nettie

  4. I hope that beautiful table is set for a birthday celebration! HB2U!

    1. It started out that way, but it’s so darned hot I changed to a cold dinner with simpler dishes. Thanks for the b-day wish.

  5. Loved how you used your new plates and the ‘daughter’ dolls just put your tablescape over the top!

  6. Thank you for your visit and for letting me know the name of my mom’s glassware. You probably didn’t read back far enough to know that my mom died in May. I had to go down and sort through her things, leaving dad with the things he though he would use and my sister and I bringing home a lot of beautiful things. I told dad I would set the table with the items we left behind and post them, so he would have a reference when he wanted to set a table for guests.

    I know when mom first got the glassware she wouldn’t have had a dishwasher but I have no idea what she did with them in the later years. These particular dishes and goblets hadn’t been out of hiding for a few decades. She started using the “good stuff” once my sister and I left home many years ago. It certainly wasn’t my best tablescape, but it did bring back a lot of memories.

    Your transferware is beautiful and it looks perfect with the glassware. This is a very pretty table.

    I hope you will come back and visit again. I do have a giveaway on my blog right now…upper right hand corner of the page if you’d like to register.


    1. Sue, the fact that the pieces for your tablescape belonged to your mom makes it absolutely perfect. L

  7. Thanks for dropping in last night.. we are having miso soup, steamed rice, gyu don (sliced beef in a sauce) and a house salad..

    What a great find on those plates. envious. what a great way to put the runner on the diagonal. I love coming by, you are always so inspiring. Beautiful setting!

  8. Beautiful red and white table…you were so lucky to find so many plates all at one time! Your two little lady figurines are perfect for this table…very pretty. Have a great weekend.

  9. Wow, those plates were quite a find! They do look wonderful with your ruby red glassware, and adding the “ladies” to your table was a great idea!

  10. I would have snapped them up too! I have a few pieces of it, but I would love more.
    You had all the perfect pieces to go with it too!
    Lovely table!

  11. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Looks like inspiration from Aunt Judy with those red and white dishes!

  12. How beautiful and I love the lady standing so proudly with a big smile there….Christine

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