What to Do?

Writing is hard when exhaustion takes over, and I am exhausted after three long days of trying to get the kitchen back together.  Remember this

and this?

We’re in a little better shape now, and the kitchen is starting to look more like this.

There’s still work to be done, but it’s complete enough to begin organizing the cabinets.  Taking it all out was nothing compared to putting it back in.  No way is all that stuff returning to the shelves.  Things that I haven’t used in years or that aren’t absolutely necessary are being boxed up for a future garage sale.  As tired as I am tonight, how can I even think about that?

Sorting through stuff does have its dilemmas.  Take this Corning Ware.

My daddy gave it to me when I moved into my first apartment.  He got it with S&H green stamps which tells you how old it is.  How can I possibly get rid of it when it brings back such a special memory?

And these chillers which keep shrimp or fruit salad or ceviche or cold soups just the right temperature.  At one time, I thought they were a must and was very excited when Mother gave them to me for Christmas.  All that aside, I can’t even remember the last time they were used.

Jello molds.  Who eats Jello these days?  Well, I still make it at Thanksgiving and these molds did belong to my mother-in-law, and I think of her happily every time I use them.  No, they can’t go.

Oh dear, so many decisions to make.  Anybody out there who can help or are you enjoying a relaxing Sunday?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts.

12 thoughts on “What to Do?

  1. i love the jello molds!! are they heat-safe? they would make some pretty cakes 🙂
    and that corningware, i took a few pieces to college with me and somehow over the years and many moves, they’ve been lost–but how i wish i had them now. it looks a little old-fashioned, but it is the most practical baking-ware ever! don’t give it away! think about how delicious some sweet potato balls will look baked in one this thanksgiving 🙂
    love you

    1. Jess, I may have to will you the CorningWare since PopPop gave it to me. That might be the sum total of our inheritance!

  2. Congratulations on the progession of your kitchen. I’d have to keep it all. I’m such a sucker if it has anything sentimental about it.

    So sorry to be visiting so late. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  3. Just a suggestion, put the things you think you might want to sell in boxes in the garage and let them ferment for about a month or two, especially if you feel any attachment to them. Then if you haven’t used them, it’s time to go. I speak from experience. Good luck on putting everything back in. It’s a beautiful space. I love those cabinets. can’t wait to see the finished space!

  4. There is so much organizing to do isn’t there? Amazing how much time our ‘stuff’ takes! Your kitchen is looking great!

  5. the kitchen is gorgeous! My rule of thumb is; if I’m not using it someone else may need it and can use it, so give it away.

  6. You can find a place for all those memories, Linda, and all those things are things you would find at an antique store and write in your blog about the fantastic find you had!! You are too much an entertainer not to use all those goodies—–make a menu just for them! You can start a new blog entitled “servicescapes” along side your ‘tablescapes!”
    Your new kitchen looks great! Sorry it is so much work to get it put back together. Isn’t it kind of fun to come across all those things again?!
    I have been ‘going through’ stuff too in an attempt to clear out our 33 years of accumulation. If Tom and I had something happen to us, the boys would need years to clear out our house! I have come across unbelieveable things that I spend the day with instead of clearing out. One such thing was tapes from our answering machine of calls to/from Scott when he was at a summer engineering program at Vanderbilt in 1991. An intersting insight to listen 19 years later.
    Sorry we aren’t in Houston to see you.
    Love, Sandy

    1. My girls are going to have quite a challenge as well when it comes to clearing out, and the sad thing is they aren’t going to want much of what’s here. Travel well.

  7. P.S. And in answer to your question on your post: No, I never have a relaxing Sunday – as you can see from above comment, I am always STRUGGLING as to whether I should get rid of some ‘prized’ possession or not! So I never relax! LOL! (And my teenage son is always saying for this, that, or the other thing: “Oh, God! Would you get rid of that?!)

    1. Oh, Gloria, you may have given me just the answer I need.

  8. Hi, Linda/LuLu!! I haven’t visited in a while. Even though I subscribe to your updated posts, there are so many blogs to visit! I’m sure you know what I mean and feel the say way. ANYWAY, I love the way your kitchen is progressing. You must be thrilled. BUT: Please do NOT get rid of your Dad’s Corning Ware that he gave you! Just get a little cardboard box and pack them in newspaper and put them in your basement or in a closet or something. If you sell them or give them away, you will regret it. When I moved from NY to CT, I got rid of a LOT of stuff and now, as I am older, I could KICK myself. So think about it, OK? 🙂 You can even add another box for your basement/closet with other things… OK, I’d better end my comment or you are going to yell at me for being an enabler! Ha-ha!
    Best regards,

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