A Privileged Day

All the chores from yesterday still need to be accomplished, but they can wait another day as I celebrate the joy of this one which involved taking a neighbor to Bath for chemo treatment.   We left early on  this rainy morning, but there was no dampness in the car.  We chatted the entire hour’s drive, and I’m betting her throat was as dry as mine when we arrived at the Mid Coast Hospital.

It’s amazing all the things you can talk about in the confines of a car, and we covered lots of bases.  The subjects ranged from kids to gardens to marriage to work and all the areas in between.  And, of course, we talked about the future and what an unknown it is for all of us, even more so when you are battling for your life.

What I loved about our time together was how open and honest it was and how much we laughed.  I am so grateful for the privilege of being one of her designated drivers and can’t wait for our next trip down the road.  My prayer for her is that she beat this disease that is trying to claim her body so that she can have more years to spend with her young family.  If you say prayers, include her in yours.

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7 thoughts on “A Privileged Day

  1. Beautiful, Linda. You are so much better at expressing yourself than I am—–that is what I have been trying to say to you when I try to convince you that I am not ‘chasing my tail.’
    I can’t think of anyone I would rather have take me to my chemo treatments than Linda LuLu!

  2. Linda..I loved this post. What a special day for both of you.
    I am sure it is one that you will always remember.
    Thanks for adding me to you blog roll…glad you stopped by mine. I have added you to mine as well.
    I look forward to following 🙂

    Rockport Maine !! You lucky thing!

    Jeanne xx

    1. Jeanne, I am so glad we are sharing our worlds. I love the way you present your blog, and your photos are beyond good. By the way, how is that new camera working out? Look forward to our next visit. L

  3. THis is really a lovely tribute. Did you sketch her?

    1. No sketching by me, Billie. I took the photo and with a wonderful APP called Photogene modified it to a pencil drawing which I wish I could have done.

  4. Barbara Bush once said “When you get to your death bed, you will never say, ‘I should have spent more time at the office.’ I promise you, you will never regret the time you spent with a sick loved one.”

    I hope she said it that way, but if she didn’t, I know what she meant.

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