Waiting to Happen

Where is it that these cute little sprinkler cans came from?  There’s almost enough to be called a small collection, and who knows what prompted me to buy them.

Surely there is something that can be done with them.  A few flowers from the garden perhaps?

Yes, bright and cheery.  There weren’t quite enough to fill all the cans, but that’s OK.  The empty ones work just fine among the others.

And, I’m liking the variety of textures both in the flowers and the cans.

Now that the sprinkler cans rest happily on a cloth with many of the same colors and arranged so that hints of pattern from the reverse side peek through, the table becomes a delightful place for a simple chicken salad dinner.  Doesn’t food always taste better on a happy table?

What fun to have the unexpected become a delightful happening!

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6 thoughts on “Waiting to Happen

  1. Your garden must be beautiful this year, how about some pictures!

  2. How lovely. Fresh flowers are my favorite especially in interesting containers,

  3. What a cute way to use watering cans!

  4. I love watering cans too but I haven’t used them like this. I just have them scattered about outside. I will be looking at them with new eyes. That round, curvy one is so unique.

  5. Creative mind at work! The French call found items “objet trouvee” or some such, and they are good at re-selling them and jacking up the price! If I know you, you picked these up at TJMaxx for pennies on the euro and “repurposed” them with style.

  6. Your watering cans are wonderful! You’re going to use them in so many great tablescapes. I would have bought them all, too! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

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