More Isle au Haut

Isle au Haut is one of the few Maine islands with a year round population.  At the last census, there were 20 families totaling 79 people living there.   I wonder how much that number will have changed this time around.  The only way to access Isle au Haut is by boat, either your own or the mailboat that runs out of Stonington.

Mail boat

So, how do people make a living there?  Judging from the number of lobster boats in the harbor, it appears that most, including author Linda Greenlaw, are fishermen.


There is a general store for necessities,

general store

and during the summer months an inn is open, along with is a food wagon at the harbor, a gift shop operated by Barbara Greenlaw

gift shop

and Black Dinah Cafe which serves its delicious chocolates, pastries, ice cream and beverages.

black dinah

If there’s more I haven’s seen it.

Isle au Haut is a graveyard for worn out  and abandoned vehicles.


I guess it’s just too hard to get them off the island.

Even the ones that are still running are old and well used.

Garbage comes to the dock on the back of pickups where it is transferred to a boat that will take it to the mainland for disposal.


Even in such a small community, there seems to be ample entertainment which goes to show people can make a life no matter where they live.


On the rugged, unsettled part of the island are hiking trails leading to magnificent vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.

isle au haut

Standing there with the sound of the ocean crashing oven rocks, I am awed by the wonders of creation and once again ackknowledge how lucky I am to spend part of my life in this wonderful place called Maine.

isle au haut

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4 thoughts on “More Isle au Haut

  1. Gorgeous photos!!! I would LOVE to go over to the island sometime and visit Black Dinah…

  2. Beautiful scenery. It does look pleasant and idyllic. Thanks for the insights into this community.

  3. It is wonderful (and a little depressing!) to sit here in hot flat Houston and see your beautiful photographs. You are blessed indeed! Pam

  4. I especially love your last picture—–we have a Chinese picture in our bedroom that has the same feel. There is something so very peaceful about it. Did you ever read the book “The Story about Ping” to your kids/grandkids? My picture has Ping and the Chinese fishing boat included in that wonderful, ethereal setting. Enjoy for me too and thank you for sharing!

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