White Elegance

This tablescape thing has taken on a life of its own.  Now, when we are invited to dinner, friends are into doing tables. I’m not sure they are trying for a spot on my blog, but the effort does two things: we laugh over the connection and, more importantly, it beautifully reflects the person’s creative self which is something we often keep hidden.  And, I think we are all realizing that our tablescapes add  unexpected pleasure to the gathering as well as give us ideas that we can incorporate into our own settings.

This friend’s table was elegant in white starting with the centerpiece of white hydrangeas which are plentiful right now, blooming both on bush and tree.  In a clear glass vase complementing the glassware, the stems were held in place with white marble chips.

The table was set with lovely Italian linen,

simple white plates, the perfect backdrop for grilled swordfish with mango salsa,

and lovely glassware, including the dainty salt and pepper set at each place.  I especially liked that touch.

And, I couldn’t overlook  the needlepoint on the backs and seats of the chairs.  Lovely.

The hostess, too, was decked out in white.  Wonder if that was intentional or a happy accident.  Maybe she will tell us.

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts.

15 thoughts on “White Elegance

  1. I love table settings myself, and this one makes me smile—-I have multiple sets of dishes but at one point went to GardenRidge Pottery to get paper goods for a 4th of July party. By coincidence, they were clearancing a line of while tableware by Cordon Bleu. I got service for 12 for about the same price as paper goods. I have kicked myself ever since that I didn’t buy all they had. It is so versatile for table settings with any color scheme and I tend to never use any of my other dishes anymore.

  2. Oh so pretty in white!…Christine

  3. the table is gorgeous. Don’t you just feel so blessed knowing someone has made the effort to make you feel special? Thanks for sharing. Wonder from where those linens come from…. they are wonderful.

    1. Indeed I do appreciate any effort someone puts forth to make me or anyone feel special.

  4. The white outfit was serendipity — I had a jangly day and just wanted something soothing! Guess I applied it to both the table and myself.

  5. Oh this is so pretty! I also love the white theme with the needlepoint chairs, it lends an air of elegance to the entire table!
    Thanks for coming by, this is my first TT and its so much fun!

  6. Of course the table is absolutely lovely – white and crystal are my favorite combination – but I want the patterns for the needlepoint!

  7. What a pretty table! I love the way the food looks on that white plate. Laughing about the hostess matching the table. I didn’t even realize that I did that but I do. It must be when I am in the mood to dress my table in certain colors, I dress myself that way too.

  8. Beautifully elegant table!

  9. This is the table that beckons guests to linger for extended moments after the meal to share fellowship and conversation. The entree looked stunning on the white plates. Thank you for sharing this charming design. Cherry Kay

  10. How pretty the all white is on the table — love the chairs as well. This is quite lovely.

  11. Your table is so elegant. I love how you used all white and crystal.

  12. That is so funny that you said that about your friends. My friends do want a spot, as you can tell from some of my posts and they want their recipes featured too! Lovely hydrangeas. All white is so elegant and beautiful, I bet friends really appreciated it.

  13. Love the all white. Beautiful.

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