Meet Diane

Anyone who thinks basket weaving is a snap is wrong.  I made coiled baskets once in my career as a fiber artist and quickly decided it was a task requiring considerable skill and time, so when I spotted Diane Weiser’s baskets at the Camden, Maine, Farmers Market I was immediately appreciative.

Diane is a busy lady.  She farms with her husband in Unity, works several different markets each week and somehow finds time to weave beautiful baskets that are as useful as they are lovely.  Even at the market her hands are busy weaving, giving customers a first hand look at her technique.

I couldn’t decide which to buy

but finally chose a picnic partner which Diane custom made for me mixing purple reeds, hand dyed of course, with natural in a pattern I was especially drawn to.

The girls are loving having it contain their special colorful flatware.

I, of course, envision it on the boat filled with brightly colored napkins and tableware.  My turn is next.

Like many artisans, Diane doesn’t have a website, but if you like what you see , she can be reached at Hubbard Brook Baskets, 207/568-3201.

I love your comments, so jump right in and share.

2 thoughts on “Meet Diane

  1. GORGEOUS! I want a basket or two, or three…. and hand-made in Maine, wow!!!

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