The Way Life Should Be

Quick trips to Houston during the summer are a necessity, but they do wear me out.   Seeing the kids, tending to Mother’s needs, catching up with friends and spending time in my studio doing what I can’t do in the Maine house… much to do and so little time.   In addition to those things, there’s always something unexpected that has to be dealt with like a toilet not working or a roof leaking.   By the time I leave, I feel like a day of rest is needed to recuperate.

Returning to Maine is like a breath of fresh air, not only because it is cooler but because almost immediately you can feel a change of pace.  That doesn’t mean folks don’t have the same worries, concerns or responsibilities as anywhere else, they just don’t seem to let them become life’s focus.  There’s more time out to walk, work in the yard, enjoy the natural beauty, spend time with friends. Or, maybe there’s not more time; people just seem to take more time to be in the present moment.  Maybe there’s a reason why the sign welcoming visitors to the state reads:

Maine, the way life should be

In any case, the first sign one sees coming off the airplane in Portland says WELCOME HOME

and I think the change starts there.  Maine is a  place where one can be at home and understand what that means.   Home is not just a place to live; it’s a place where your heart is, and I know that when I cross the bridge overlooking Rockport Harbor that much of my heart is here.

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3 thoughts on “The Way Life Should Be

  1. What a gorgeous photo of the harbor and you’re not so bad yourself!
    I LOVE Maine too!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. In some cases, people give up much to live here, but what we all share a love for is the lifestyle.

  3. It’s funny. I meet people from all over the country that have relocated, and most have some level of home-sickness. But rarely do I find people like those from Maine who are regularly pining (pun intended) for home. Many may be prevented due to family obligations, jobs or other reasons, but I find very few — as compared to residents of other states — that are so drawn to return home as early and often… and the Rockport area is a great example of why.

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