A Touch of This, A Little of That

I must confess, this is not my tablescape, but it is too good not to share. A friend invited us to dinner, and her table was so charming it didn’t matter what we had to eat, however, the food was very good, too.

Where to start? The  blue and white color scheme was carried out to the nth degree, simple white plates complemented with patterned pieces.

Each of us had a different napkin that added a touch of whimsy

and don’t you love the bee glasses, so French.

To complete the look, the table top was dotted with small pitchers filled with flowers that picked up the colors in the napkins.  Wonder if that was done on purpose!

You know from my tablescapes that I am drawn to flowers in multiple containers.  They are simple to arrange and add another dimension to the overall composition.

These days many of us choose to have dinner with friends out, so it is a very special treat when someone puts such time and effort into an evening at home.  I am grateful.

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I love your comments, so jump right in.

13 thoughts on “A Touch of This, A Little of That

  1. My table bachelor plain and most tableware doesn’t even match but I did remember your blog and today have vase with small pink/red carnations. Really does add a bit of elegance.

    1. Way to go, Carl! You might evolve into a tablescaper. How are you liking your new environs?

  2. What a pretty table! Those blue and white plates are so sweet. I love the mismatched napkins and little flower vases. I have recently discovered that I much rather have people over than go to a restaurant. The conversations seem so much easier and everything is so relaxed.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more about the advantages of having people gather at home.

  3. ooh love your friend’s table. I think I’ll be looking for single napkins that blend… what a delightful idea.

  4. love the flowers!
    you’ve created a beautiful tablescape…
    so glad i stopped by to visit and see your creation.
    such pretty colors you’ve used!

  5. You did a fantastic job of arranging everything, I love your dishes! Mary

  6. I loved the raised bee on the glasses. They had them on sale on Cosco this year and they were $$ but still less then the WS store prices and when I went back the next day they were all SOLD! Lesson learned: When you find a bargain buy it on the spot.

    1. You’re right about getting it when you see it. I always ponder and have missed out on some good things.

  7. Dixie Swanson July 9, 2010 — 7:22 am

    A friend of mine was on the Amalfi Coast and wanted to buy 24 non-matching pottery plates to “put on a coral cloth” for dinner parties. That sounded nuts to me, until she went to dinner that evening at a hotel for the richest and most famous.

    Their tables? coral cloths and non-matching pottery plates…

    “Just shows to go you.”

    1. Non-matching pottery plates…..where can I get some?

  8. Hello! Yes, this WAS a lovely tablescape. And what is also lovely is your posting this friend’s table and giving her some Kudos! I am sure she will be pleased. Please tell her everything looked lovely and I will be there next week for dinner. (I only wish you would have posted pictures of the FOOD too! LOL!)
    Best regards,

    1. Dinner at this friend’s is always a real treat. You would love it!

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