What’s This?

When a big, 748 feet big, ship anchors in Penobscot Bay and is lit up like a small city at night, folks pay attention.  When it becomes known that it’s a oil drillship, that really gets everyone’s attention!  Does this mean there’s going to be drilling for oil right off the midcoast of Maine?  Spare it the experience of the Gulf!

To everyone’s relief, the answer is no.  The drillship was in Rockland to have repairs done to three of its six thrusters.  Rockland was chosen as the site  because of its deep water access and low large boat traffic.  I’m also betting a drillship would not be welcome in some parts of the country right now.

While it was sitting in the water, we ventured out for an up close look.    We were dwarfed by the  Stena Forth just as the other close by boats were.  To give you an idea of large, this ship is able to carry a crew of 180 and has the ability to drill in up to 10,000 feet of water.  Amazing!

Once repairs are done, the ship heads to Greenland where it will drill exploratory wells in Disko Bay.  It will be interesting to follow its progress.

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1 thought on “What’s This?

  1. I can almost hear this as the talk of the town….all the way down here in Houston!

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