A Rocky Start

Off the coast of Maine are many islands, each seeming to have a different kind of rock.  I must confess that with each visit to an island, I come home with a rock as memory, and it is added to the growing collection in these stemmed vessels.

It is amazing how different rocks are.  Some are smooth, others are more textured; some are flat , some are chunky; some are black, others are gray etched with white bands; some are small pieces of granite marked with subtle color.

The rocks have not been used on the table, but with mussels being on the menu, it seemed the right time to introduce them into a  tablescape.  Mussels, after all, are attached to rocks.

With the rocks being so subtle,  I can’t resist adding a bit of color to the table at the same time keeping touches of black that will tie everything together.  Black plates from a garage sale combine with harlequin bowls and salad plates that also have hints of black.  The patterned dishes are among my favorites and were purchased some years ago in NYC’s Soho.

The black napkins are gathered into straw rings that are actually meant to go around glass stems, but hey, who says things can’t be used for multiple purposes, and they did add to the lightheartedness of the table.

Tablescapes don’t have to be fancy.  Mine are so often an eclectic mix of things that work together, hopefully,  to create a warm and inviting table.

What makes any table real fun are the people gathered round sharing good food and good time.

By the way the mussels were really good, and I will share the recipe tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy visiting Thursday Tablescapes.

I love your comments, so jump right in.

8 thoughts on “A Rocky Start

  1. I would have never thought of rocks on the table — but you’ve done this very creatively and it works! Your dishes are just the right tone for a “rocky” tablescape.

  2. Your pretty plates definitely add color, and they coordinate perfectly with the wonderful tones and textures of the rocks you’ve collected. My mother always picked up (and displayed) rocks she found fascinating from wherever she went, so your post brought back fond memories. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!


  3. just love what you’ve done!

  4. I love your love of plates. Those in this weeks tablescape are so fine. And the rocks in the beautiful glass is wonderful.

    See you soon.

  5. I love those rocks. Decorating with bits of nature always appeals to me. I think your dishes are so pretty and look great on the black plates.

  6. I love my Maine heart rocks!

    1. I love those salad plates and bowls, they remind me of stained glass…very pretty.

      1. Stained glass. I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right.

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