Cleaning Frenzy!

Lest you think I do nothing more than indulge in lobster rolls, write a few words here and there, enjoy a martini on the porch, let me assure you that things get dirty around here and someone has to clean.  Guess who that someone is?  I didn’t know  this morning when I got out of bed that a cleaning frenzy would grab hold, but when I stepped out on the front porch and saw, once again, the dirt and grime that had collected on the woodwork, I thought today is the day it has to go.

Equipped with mop, broom, rags and a bucket of cleaning liquid, I went to work and hours later the porches, front and back, were returned to gray and the woodwork to white.

With everything so clean, the porches needed a little dressing up. This little pail with brightly colored gerber daisies (yes, they are pretend) adds some punch to the front door, but wouldn’t it be nice for the porch to be more welcoming.

Off to the nursery which was sure to have some quick fixes like this lovely pot of blooming beauties.

And, how could I resist this adorable little birch chair planter, yet another way to honor the pledge to buy handmade.

Now, the front porch is not only clean but friendly.

The back porch sparkles as well.  The furniture is clean

and pots are planted with flowers and herbs.

Now it does seem a good time to have that martini.

I love your comments, so jump right in!

7 thoughts on “Cleaning Frenzy!

  1. You have a beautiful porch! I love all your flowers!

  2. Hello there! I thought I had already left a comment on your porch, but I guess I didn’t! So…. I LOVE IT! I can just imagine your sitting out there with a nice cool cocktail. Enjoy one this weekend – Happy July 4th!
    Best regards,

    1. and we have a beautiful weekend to enjoy sitting on the porch. Thanks for joining!

  3. Love the new little planter on the front porch! You needed something friendly out there and that’s perfect!

    I still think we need to bring Elsa to Maine!

  4. What a great looking porch. We, too, love our outdoor space, a 52×10 wood deck off the back of our NC home, overlooking Lake Chatuge and the North Georgia mountains. Unfortunately, the winter sun beating on the wood has partially stripped off the stain, and the whole deck looks like a shipwreck. However, I am determined to ignore how awful it looks and just enjoy the view over the rail.

    1. Yep, snow, sun, rain are hard on porches. My hubbie is continually replacing and painting boards, and there’s always another that needs repair. You’re right, though, it takes more than that to interfere with a wonderful view.

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