Peonies and Lobster

Peonies from the garden were already on the table and lobster in some form was going to be dinner, so how to combine the two giving each its proper due?

Lobster, no matter what its form, is perfect on these plates with the lobster image dominating the surface.

I found this cute lobster print material, cut it into 18″ squares and satin stitched the edges to make a complementary napkin.

They were tied with a simple overhand knot and then fluffed out to give a bit of frill to the plates.

Pretty casual up til now, and there was no relationship between the peonies and the dishes.  That dilemma was solved with the addition of King’s Crown Thumbprint glasses which added a little pizzazz to the table setting and linked the dishes and the flowers.

This night not just any lobster would do, so I experimented with a lobster pot pie.  Served with candles glowing on the table and twilight for a backdrop, it was just right for comfort and simple elegance.

By the way, check back in Friday for the recipe for lobster pot pie, and peek in at Tablescape Thursday for some creative table setting ideas.

I love your comments, so jump right in and share.

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12 thoughts on “Peonies and Lobster

  1. Cute fabric for your new napkins. The plate is so cute but after my fish fiasco last week I am not planning any fish for a long time on our menu.

    1. Now you’ve whetted my curiosity!

  2. I’m going to miss Table Scape Thursday by one day when I come to visit in a couple of weeks. But, I am so excited for my visit.
    I just love how your table includes items favored by long time friends, i.e. the Kings Crown Thumb print ware so often seen at Miss J. in Houston.
    Nobody come up with the fabric for napkins like Ms. Fiber-works. When dining at your table, one feels like a queen.
    See you soon.

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely table!

  4. How pretty and wonderful this is — lobster and peonies! Love it. I found all my hunting tableware on eBay — thanks for visiting!

  5. I love those lobster plates and napkins! Gorgeous peonies…

  6. Loved, loved, loved the peonies mixed with the lobster. Maybe we will have lobster for father’s day. Did you get the fabric for the napkins recently and if so, where? We hail from Orem! Nice to get to know you.

  7. Such a cute lobster table! Love those glasses, in fact, I’d love to start a collection myself. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

    1. Quilt Diva in Rockland has some really cute lobster fabric.

    2. It’s taken me a while to find adequate pieces of the Thumbprint glassware. Some is from eBay. Other pieces I have found just by keeping an eye out when I’m browsing antique shops.

  8. I just love your napkins. That fabric and the way you tied them is wonderful.

  9. Linda, such a pretty table and my comment ist the first? That lobster plates are really impressive but the napkins pattern is stunning. I love how you made this knot, looks so festive like the tie for the tuxedo. And the stemware and the peonies makes the table absolutely gorgeous. You have thought on so many details. I love it.
    Greetings, Johanna

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