Things Are Changing

For the first time in many a year, I sat alone at the Easter service.  Well, not exactly alone because there was the usual overflow Easter crowd, but no one was with me.  My hubby was home since he is still hobbling after having foot surgery a couple of weeks ago, and my daughters have gone their own way, but as the ALLELEUIAS   swirled around me, I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered how in days past the girls and I quietly substituted HOLLYLEWIS  for alleluia.  I don’t remember how it started, but it was one of those special things we shared, and somehow the memory made the music more special.

For most of our years as a family, we have had an egg hunt and brunch at our house, but this year our younger daughter  asked if Easter could become  her holiday since her sister has laid claim to Christmas, and Thanksgiving is still ours.  That seemed a fair request, so we gathered in the Heights for a delightful time together.   The table was lovely, the food was tasty, and it was no surprise that the egg hunt was beyond the usual.  The big girls had hidden goodies all over the yard and provided each of the little girls with a map defining the areas where eggs were located.

Though everything was eventually found,  it took some time as the kiddos concentrated so hard on the map that they walked right by the the hidden treasures!  It was fun to watch, and even 6 month old Caleb “found”  a plastic egg to gum and drool over!

As our daughters hold on to the idea of tradition, they add their own touches making our shared time have a fresh new energy.  No matter what the changes, the best part is being together.  As I grow older, it seems that these times become more special, and GrandP and Lulu are happy to sit back, observe and enjoy the grandkids.

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1 thought on “Things Are Changing

  1. I will never sing an “Alleleuia” again without thinking of Holly Lewis!

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