Not So Bad…..

Houston gets a worse than deserved rap where weather is concerned.  True, from June-October, it can get pretty hot with a fair amount of humidity thrown in, however, the other seven months are generally pleasant, at least as compared with many other parts of the country.  I think the weather conditions are grossly exaggerated, perhaps to keep even more people from moving to an already very large city.

Without question, spring is the best time of year.  The air seems to be fresher and lighter, there are actually stars visible in the night sky, the temperatures are convertible top down perfect and everywhere there is color that by July will mostly have disappeared under the sun’s wilting heat.

Otherwise homely trees are lovely in their new frocks, and bees are busily collecting fresh nectar for their honey.

Azaleas in shades of pink and white are about to burst forth in full glory.

What a great colorist God is, and His palette knows no limit!  With all this color around me, I can’t help but think how it can translate into beautiful woven pieces.  Ideas are popping, and I’ll soon be ordering some new fibers that will help capture the vibrancy of spring.

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1 thought on “Not So Bad…..

  1. So ready for Spring. Love the pastels!

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