For little more than a year, I have been a happy Mac user, faithfully attending One-to-One sessions learning all I can about using my little machine.  This week, however, I was not a happy Apple camper.  The program I most use is Aperture, a photo organizing/editing application that allows me to design my own very special books.  As happens with all things computer, a new version came out a few days ago and thinking it could only be more wonderful than Aperture 2, I immediately ordered the upgrade and waited impatiently for the new disc to come.  A few days later it arrived, and I rushed to install it.

That’s when the problems started.  As my library transitioned from the old to the new, gremlins went to work, and photos disappeared or appeared in the wrong format, the program would unexpectedly shut down, the data base corrupted, and there were all these funny little messages about not having enough memory.  Now, how could that be unless the message was referring to me?

It didn’t take long to learn that other users were having similar problems and the blogosphere was full of folks expressing their frustrations, and sometimes offering helpful hints about how to address the many issues.  The hints, however, sometimes caused more problems as everyone was essentially working in the dark.  That was especially true of me!  I’m somewhat competent at using a computer, but when it comes to understanding how it works that’s a different story.

Enter my PC husband,  who has very little good to say about Apple products and how they work, to try and fix things.  I won’t go into the details, but there was much fussing and cussing, and the problems were still there after hours of  rebuilding, reinstalling and whatever else one does to try and fix what is wrong.  During all this, no word from Apple soothing the furrowed brows of its many Aperture users.  I decided life was too short to fret and put my faith in the powers that be at Apple to get it right.  While they were at it, I could have a martini!

Corrections came quickly as  today came the first update to Aperture 3, and so far so good.  My computer hasn’t quit even once in the last few hours, and that’s a good thing because I really don’t like having to repeat a process over and over due to circumstances totally beyond my control.  Back to the books with hope in my heart that nothing else goes wrong……for the time being anyway!

One thought on “Ouch!

  1. I’m a Mac girl myself, have two of them and a PC. All my good stuff is on the two Macs, which are ancient. I’m still running OS 9.2 because to upgrade/purchase Professional Photoshop and Quark Xpress would blow my budget. When these two finally give it up for the last time, I hope I am too old to care.

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